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The American Bulldog breed is one of the few uniquely American canine breeds in existence. The dog is large, powerful, highly intelligent, highly loyal to all family members, stubborn but easy to train with proper techniques, and a great protector.

However, the organizational vacuum created as result of the American Bulldog not being a “recognized” breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) has resulted in various charlatans creating their own “registries” for the breed and issue their own self-certified pedigrees attesting that any given dog is an American Bulldog. Every single such entity in the United States and Canada for the American Bulldog breed that we are aware of is a for-profit venture with no transparency, and their motivation appears to maximize the number of dogs they register, regardless of whether the dogs they are registering are in fact American Bulldogs. These entities have altered the breed standard originally created by the now-deceased founder of the breed – John D. Johnson, to allow themselves to charge the consumers to register various breed-mixes that express traits absolutely foreign to the American Bulldogs. This has created its own corrupt, mutually beneficial eco-system involving breeders and registries that engage in deception for profit. The unscrupulous breeders that rely on deception can increase the sale price of their mixed-breed dogs and the sham registries are only too happy to oblige because of their own financial incentive, as those breeders and the buyers end up paying registration fees to the registries for each dog. We have found that all too often the buyers were deceived and lied to and as a result purchased a dog that is not an American Bulldog despite their specific intent on acquiring an American Bulldog.

American Bulldog Federation intends educate the prospective buyers and current / future breeders to minimize the volume of such victims. The people that unknowingly purchase dogs that are mislabeled as American Bulldogs are not the only victims in this scheme. This vicious cycle is actively destroying the breed itself, with actual American Bulldogs possibly even outnumbered by those that are not, despite their pedigree listing them as such. Naturally, some portion of these breed-mixes then get bred, and their offspring again registered as American Bulldogs. By providing accurate information to the public, we aim to end this vicious cycle. The largest problem with irresponsible breeding is that it results in unhealthy dogs and tragedies for the owners. People that are willing to commit fraud and deceive surely are not methodically breeding their dogs for health or various other positive genetic traits. They do not care. Proper selective breeding of canines is extremely complicated and requires expertise, education, resourcefulness, and of course even financial capital on behalf of the breeder.

To make matters worse, the AKC now appears to be complicit in the further destruction of the American Bulldog breed by placing it in the Foundation Stock Service (FSS) with a perverted breed standard that includes coat colors foreign to the American Bulldog genetic pool (meaning such dogs are crossbreeds), and their stated size for this breed completely misses the size range of actual American Bulldogs – welcoming, again, cross-breeds to be recognized as American Bulldogs. In Europe problems of fraud are minimal in this breed due to the fact that FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) functions as a body that regulates breeders. Despite the fact that the American Bulldog is classified by FCI as a “non-recognized” breed, it is still classified as a breed, and everyone involved – from breeders to owners to judges, are bound by the FCI regulations.

With extensive experience in the FCI bureaucracy, rules, and regulations spanning nearly 2 decades combined with expert knowledge of the American Bulldog breed for as long, we are well-positioned to help ensure this breed not only survives but thrives in the United States. We aim to arm current and aspiring breeders with the critical knowledge and resources that will help them learn to selectively breed on the proper traits that ensure better health, temperament, and function of dogs in this wonderful breed. All of this will result better-informed dog owners, better-educated breeders, and a drastic reduction in the amount of undesirable dogs that are currently being produced that tend to end up homeless.

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